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Hoffman California Fabrics

Hoffman California Fabrics
Santa's Gift to You: Let's Make Some Profit This Season!

Our sincere apology that our Schoolhouse Handout didn't make it to Fall Market for Hoffman California Fabrics.

Click in the box below and we'll email the information directly to your inbox when Dawn Farrier returns to her shop November 10.

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Shop Owners Resource Page

Greetings fellow independent shop owners.

It has been a pleasure talking and sharing with you at the past two Quilt Markets.

You have shared with me that what comes easy and natural to me -- unique displays and quick samples -- is perhaps where you struggle. I have been brainstorming on how to help you year round, not just when we have time to chat at Market.

So this dedicated portion of my website is just for you and I. It is not accessible to the public or common quilter without this distinct URL. So please lets keep that just between us!

Below you will find a quick fill-in form to help me...help you. It looks long but it's a short time investment for what I hope is a long future together.

Please be aware that my first priority is to my own customers as we are a working brick and mortar shop of 2 1/2 employees (myself included). This time of year is always chaotic with Market, finishing customer quilts for Christmas and upcoming classes for the holiday season. You may not hear from me for a bit but just hang in there and I will be in touch. I promise!

I have some great ideas that I can't wait to share with you. Things I wish someone would have been able to share with me, but now that I have "invented the wheel" you wont have to!

Take Care
Dawn Farrier, Fellow Shop Owner

Getting to Know You

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Does your store participate in a shop hop?
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