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Things to do now.
Things to do just before going live.
While we are working on your design with you, we have 2-3 weeks at least to work on the following things:

1) Data Entry for Website Content - Enter information in the Modules area (to the left in the Admin toolbar).  It's a good idea to focus on Calendar, Classes, Products, and perhaps any Forms you may need to create for the site.

2) Web Page Goals - After working with your Navigation and creating your main menu pages, it is a good idea to write a brief description for each page for the kind of content you will ulitmately want there.  If we are helping you create your content in a Fast Start, please discuss these page goals with us.  If you are working on content on your own, please call your Account Manager if you need any assistance in planning the content of your pages.

3) Registrar Information - If your domain is in an account that you control, you need to give your Account Manager the login information for that account.  If your domain is not in an account you control, we need to transfer it into one that you control.  Contact your account manager if you need to begin the transfer process.  Your domain name is your intellectual property and is something that you should retain control over (it is very valuable; your online identity).

4) Host Policies - Some website hosting companies require that you give 30-days notice before cancelling service with them.  It is a good idea to research the policies of your host now so that you don't end up paying for an extra month that you won't be using.

5) Design Photos / Logo - Have you sent your Account Manager any photographs / logo files you may have discussed during your intitial design consultation?  The sooner you get those files sent off the faster we can get you your initial design.

6) PayPal or - If you plan to sell products or services online, you will need an online service such as PayPal or  Contact your Account Manager for help in setting up your account and integrating it with our shopping cart system.

7)  Migration Information - If we are doing your migration for you, have you provided us with your login information for your current website?  It can save hours of time and hundreds of dollars if we have access to the administrative side of your website.  Have you specified what pages and content do NOT need to be migrated?  It's a good idea to make a list and send it to your Account Manager so that you are not paying for us to move outdated pages for you.
Once we are within a few days of going live, please make sure that the following have been completed:

1) High-Traffic Web Pages - We want to preserve your web-search results on pages that have high traffic, so it's a good idea to send the URLs for each such page to your Account Manager.  The search results for your Home page will automatically be preserved if it has the same name on your existing site.

2) Email Contact List(s) - This is best done just before you go live so that you have the latest possible additions to your list.  If you will be using our Email Marketing module to to mass-mailouts of newsletters and promotional offers, we will need your list of contacts that you will want on your master list.  Contact your Account Manager if you have any questions on this.  If you are sending the list, please save it in some form of spreadsheet format such as .csv (comma separated values) or .xls.

3) Business Email - If we are setting up business email for you (e.g. - have you given us all the email addresses you want us to make (maximum is 9)?  If you have existing email that uses your domain name after the @ sign, is that email POP or IMAP? (You can find this information by looking at the properties of your email account and looking at the incoming and outgoing server names.)  Your Account Manager will need such information to set up your business email properly. Also, if you have existing email that has your domain after the @ sign and if we are maintaining that email setup for you, please give your Account Manager an alternate email address.  While we are taking your site live, we will need to send your new email information to your alternate address.

4) Domain Transfer Complete? - If we are transferring your domain into an account you control, has the transfer completed yet?

5) Domain Name Forwarding - Do you have other domain names that you want to use that will send visitors to your main website address?  If so, make sure that your Account Manager has that information. Note: If you are using a registrar other than GoDaddy, this service may not be free or may not even be available.

6) Search Engine Optimization Setup - If we are not setting up your website SEO for you, have you worked with your Account Manager on making sure your pages are set up right for Search Engine Optimization?

7) Page Content Verified - Have you looked through the main pages of your website to make sure that each page has sufficient content?

If you need any assistance, please contact your Account Manager (see upper left).